Help together!
Only genuine help!
Our strength in unity!


With the help of the site of the international charity fund "Listen heart" you can independently create projects on the site and monitor the progress of their implementation.

The site was created with one single goal - to become the bridge, where those who need help are meeting with those who want to help.

Current Projects

  • Леонид Коваленко - Политолог Leonid Kovalenko, Political scientist

    In this difficult time of transition for Ukraine and its nation, only human charitable help unites people, keeps the state and in the near future will lead it to prosperity and power. Charity is one of the topical issues of the present, which leaves no person who needs help. This is exactly what the charity fund “Listen heart” is implementing today, which programs are urgent and extremely necessary for the society. These programs are aimed at urgently helping people who need it, one for all, all for one. Ukraine will win!

  • Dmitro Nagorny, Journalist, international master of chess.

    I got acquainted with the work of your fund with great interest. Very interesting and necessary charity programs for children. You are doing a great and important thing. I propose to pay attention to the intellectual development of the nation, the game of the wise is chess. Together with your friends grandmasters, champions of the Olympics and the world help you in this. Of course on a voluntary basis. With the desire to realize all your plans and dreams.

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