Helping Poor Families

It is difficult to overcome the fragile poverty line for families with children or families with only one parent
Families in which people find it difficult to find work, so the family lives on the benefits of the poor, or the
payment for work is insufficient for the needs of the family.
Such families are used to live modestly, but if something unforeseen happens – illness, job loss, boots have
broken or some equipment has broken down, it is a disaster, because money is not provided for it. The
everyday life of families is such that mothers wash their laundry manually, there is no refrigerator either.
You can not save on new things, you can not buy on installments. Families who are in trouble and need only
a little to lean on and overcome the crisis.
However, families in which parents are unable to take responsibility for life are not motivated and can not
make responsible decisions to change it. Children love their parents the way they are, and for each of the
children a happy childhood is possible only in the family. Support is often required also for those
enterprising women who abandoned the husbands – tyrants or drunkards and are ready to start a new life,
one with children, but there is often no means for a new life.
We call to support poor families with children, for that children do not suffer and parents do not feel guilty
before their children.
ICF “Listen Heart”, evaluating each case separately, from the funds, collected by donations, provides
support in acquiring the necessary things or in solving difficult situations.