Help with medicines

In our life, the disease creeps suddenly and unexpectedly, turns life upside down. In illness we are
vulnerable and defenseless, we need support.
More often than more questions than answers. What to do? Will I be cured? Will not I lose my job? How to
tell relatives about the disease? What will happen to the children if I die? Life takes on a different color.
Hospitals, analyzes, a consultation of doctors, a pharmacy and medicines.
The situation when you are ill with a serious illness, unfortunately, goes hand in hand with the need for
family. Planned operations in the countries service is paid. Unfortunately, the pain is not an indicator, so
that the operation can be carried out urgently at the expense of the state. If people do not have savings or a
family that is not wealthy, they suffer pain for years, take painkillers, harming other organs.
Often a person does not have sufficient funds to purchase appropriate medicines or appropriate
rehabilitation, which leads a person to disability. Every year more than 10 thousand people join the ranks of
disabled people.
The life of these people is so limited that going to the store for bread or going to the toilet is just as
impossible as most people travel to space, since moving is limited and there is no way to live without the
support of others.
ICF “Listen Heart” assists in the treatment and rehabilitation of people, who are seriously ill , accepting
individual requests.