The hearts

In the hearts of children there lives the hope that they will become like peers-they will find new friends,
they can run and play with them, secretly play pranks and make parents happy with good deeds. There are
children for whom this is only hope. The disease has amazed them, depriving the joy of movement –
infantile cerebral palsy, often accompanied by epilepsy or another rare congenital disease, or a trauma that
has been received throughout life, with consequences of which it is necessary to be tolerated throughout
Child cerebral palsy is a common diagnosis set in the world, these Children constitute a greater number of
children with disabilities. In families, the joy of the birth of a child has been eclipsed by the news of a
disease that will accompany the child all his life. Premature birth or birth trauma – frequent cases of
diagnosis of infantile cerebral palsy. Often, diseases are accompanied by seizures caused by epilepsy.
Children can be helped by rehabilitation in specialized health centers. Once a year a child is supposed to
support by the state to visit rehabilitation centers, but this is not enough. Parents do not give up, but fight
for children and are looking for new opportunities to help. Parents together with doctors make decisions
about the appropriate method of treatment and rehabilitation. To improve the quality of life of these
children, regular medical and rehabilitation measures are necessary. By sacrificing to these children, You
help to fulfill childhood dreams and make feel that their fate is not indifferent. We will help them!