How the Ukrainian Diaspora in the US helps the wounded Ukrainian military

Public organizations of the Ukrainian Diaspora in the United States continue to actively help the wounded Ukrainian military.
This is stated in the story “How the Ukrainian Diaspora in the United States helps the army — to Put on his feet and bring to life” program “Unfounded stories”

The heroine of the release was a former athlete-athlete, who played for the national team of Ukraine, Irina Vashchuk. Now she is a volunteer and President of the charity Fund “Revived soldiers Ukraine”.

Vashchuk went to America and established a charitable Foundation there. Together with the Ukrainian Diaspora began to raise funds and send soldiers ATO with injuries for rehabilitation in the United States. In America, there is a branch of rehabilitation centers Next Step in several cities.

“The motivation to open this rehabilitation center was that we brought the first two paralyzed soldiers four years ago to Los Angeles of such an institution. And I thought … what we need to implement and work to open such an institution here in Ukraine”, – said Vashchuk.

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As noted, in rehab, in particular, is unique fitness equipment, which is unique in Ukraine. With their help, put on the feet of the wounded with the defeat of the Central nervous system and spinal cord injuries, the story says.

More than ten patients were successfully rehabilitated in the center during four months of the test regime.

“Next step” in English means “next step”. This is a well-known American network of rehabilitation centers that specialize in the rehabilitation of seriously ill soldiers.

In such centers in Los Angeles more than three years in a row put on feet of the Ukrainian military. Difficulties with visas, expenses for flight, accommodation, moving and considerable cost of rehabilitation of fighters prompted Irina Vashchuk to open the similar center in Ukraine near Kiev in Irpen. Further, the volunteer dreams to open similar centers in Lviv and Kharkiv. The task of the next few months-have arranged near Kiev housing for the military, coming to rehabilitation from afar.

Athlete Irina Vashchuk went to America 15 years ago to study, and stayed there. She married an American who now has two children. Himself, laughing, calls “House wife” (persistent. my wife is a housewife). But not household Affairs is engaged in a its time. The last 5 years, in Ukraine the war is raging, Irina and her friend-athlete Julia stashkiva VB are wounded by the military. Organize visas, arrival, accommodation, treatment, rehabilitation of difficult Ukrainian fighters.

“The purpose of the Fund is to unite all Ukrainian communities in the United States to support the wounded military of Ukraine. And that is: we brought very seriously wounded children to the USA on a charitable basis, agreed with hospitals…” – said Vashchuk.

According to her, 36 soldiers were treated in the United States at the expense of the charity Fund “Revived soldiers Ukraine”.

“We focus on the Ukrainian Diaspora, but employers — American firms and large corporations — also make concessions to us and are added. They support the charity,” – said Vashchuk”

Another heroine of the story was Ukrainian by origin, a volunteer and a resident of Chicago, she Dopilka. The former teacher of music at schools of the Ukrainian city of Drohobych arrived to the USA to help the daughter with children and and remained there. Women joined volunteering and together with Irina Vashchuk help the Ukrainian soldiers.

“Wounded military arriving in USA for treatment, call (she Dopilka-ed.) mother. For many fighters are not just through her hands, and her home in Chicago. Live there while there is a registration and paper work”, – it is told in a plot.

“All these people who support us in the US and are already beginning to gradually (support – ed.) in Ukraine … more and more people who didn’t know about us are joining us. We have offices at various Ukrainian festivals, we do charity concerts, where we attract Ukrainian singers, which we bring from Ukraine to Ukrainian communities from the United States. A lot of people come not only to listen to the singers, but also to support the wounded of our military,” says Vashchuk.

“120 thousand us dollars spent on the opening of the rehabilitation center in Irpen is only a small part of what volunteers have collected over the years. The Ukrainian Diaspora, Irina admits, spares no money for the Motherland and the army,” the story says.

According to her, perhaps this is due to the fact that people to some extent feel that they have left their Homeland and invested time in the development of America, and did not invest time in the development of Ukraine.

Photo: Facebook/Irina Vashchuk Discipio