To gifted persons – road

The main goal of the project is to help gifted and able young people to receive higher education in Ukraine or in other countr...

Needed Donation 39000 UAH

  All Ukraine

Rehabilitation after a stroke

Stroke is a disease that overtakes suddenly and turns life of the patient, family, his loved ones around. In addition, most pa...

Needed Donation 21000 UAH


Helping Poor Families

It is difficult to overcome the fragile poverty line for families with children or families with only one parent Families in w...

Needed Donation 25000 UAH

  All Ukraine

Help with medicines

In our life, the disease creeps suddenly and unexpectedly, turns life upside down. In illness we are vulnerable and defenseles...

Needed Donation 9000 UAH


Help for animal shelters

Better little help than much sympathy .. Weekly, the collected funds are procured the necessary food or medicine for shelter...

Needed Donation 10000 UAH